Daretolive.blog – your life is YOURS, so read and make changes in YOUR life.

After years of writing my blogs I decided to start this website. Here you will read posts on everything connected with life changes, happiness, personal development etc.

I am not a native user of English, I am a 48-year-old man who loves to share ideas to help those who want to make changes in their lives. If we dare to live, we can experience a better and happier life.

You can start changing your life if you are determined to do it. Life is worth living, we all can create our better world, all we can imagine we can also achieve.

If you are hungry, you look for food; if you are determined to make changes, you simply find the way leading to a better life.

I want to help you by describing the ideas which helped me in my life. I will share my views and my own perspective on all that is important for me.

I hope that my posts can help you. So, please read them, then start using my content to make YOUR life better and happier. Dare to live, it’s your life!

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