Why do I need to grow?

Good growth is – and should be – connected with freedom. If we are free, we can do what we want to. Imagine that your assets are worth, e.g. 10,000,000 dollars (or euros). Would you work 8 hours a day?
I wouldn’t.

Nowadays I work approximately 3 hours a day, multiplied by 6 days (Monday-Saturday) is 18 hours a week. Enough? Yes, that’s enough. I don’t borrow money. All I spend is my own money, the money I have. I believe (and know) that anything you can imagine, you can have. Everything good or even great starts in your head, in your mind. An appropriate mindset is a source of your happiness, your well-being and all you can imagine.

Start dreaming, be creative, don’t think about yourself as a loser. Losers never win, winners never lose (as somebody said). You are destined to be the best version of you. There wasn’t anybody like YOU in all the history of mankind.

There are many ways leading to success. But first thing is: define YOUR success. What is a success for YOU? Money, more free time, more freedom, great relationships with your wife or husband, or something else?

Another important thing is FAITH. Your own faith in your abilities, your faith in you as a source of your happiness. Real happiness is hidden inside you. We all should be happy.

I get up in the morning and I feel happiness. God gives me another day, gives me hands, legs and brain. God gave me all I should have to be a successful man. Being grateful is so important! Be grateful and change YOUR reality! Change it for better! Be unstoppable! If you can imagine YOU as a successful man or
a successful woman, you can be one.

The most important elements that give me strength are: my Creator – God, my health, my ideas, my mindset, my family, my friends, my faith that leads me in the direction of the best future I can imagine and have!

You can ask yourself: is this author/blogger/man mad? I’ll answer. I’m not mad, I’m unstoppable when I do something great for other people, e.g. I share my views here, on this blog. I decided to be happy all days of my entire life. It is a matter of decision. And I am happy, so much happy!

I don’t have problems – I only have challenges. I do what I like – I simply write my posts. I started my writing on personal development matters in 2017. My personal growth – in a conscious way – started from reading the book written by N.V. Peale, “The Power of Positive Thinking“.

I love reading: I have read some of the works of such authors as: B. Tracy, A. Robbins, T. Harv Eker, R. Kiyosaki, etc. I discovered my need for writing. And I wish to be a great writer. I don’t care what people think of my writing – the important thing is that I like doing this, my writing time gives me pleasure. I don’t feel that I work, it’s a form of spending time in a creative way. I’m proud of my writing, really. I’ll write on personal growth, faith, a healthy lifestyle, etc. because my mission is to share all I have discovered in the field of personal growth.

I really love sharing ideas, it makes my life better and happier. And I’m not joking, it’s true. REALLY!

Dare to live! It’s YOUR life. Be responsible for it!

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