Discover what you want to be.

My life is different from yours. I am where I am because my actions led me to my “current position”. One of the most important rules of success is: become a happy person and spread your happiness, your joy, your postive mindset.

Maybe you are miserable, you may be a person who judges your life and because of that you may feel unhappy. So, decide today: “I’ll be better and better, I’ll change my life for better”. It’s a matter of YOUR decision.

Decide that you will do anything you can to find your own place in these wonderful times where we have so many resources to learn and develop, develop our body, mind and spirit. Life is not for living “in the shadow” but it’s for living for finding your talents and using them. Your actions should change your lifestyle and the same actions can help other people.

The question is: Are you ready to risk and take responsibility for your life? This question is a key to your future success. You must risk if you want to achieve great goals. The more things you try, the wiser and more successful you become. It’s a simple rule.

You can create your lifestyle. So decide: “I won’t be afraid of other people’s opinions, it’s my life and I’ll do something great, I’ll find my own way to my beautiful life.”

Discover the answers for these key questions:

  1. What do I love doing?
  2. What activities give me joy and pleasure?
  3. What would I do even if nobody paid me for it?

Try to find your particular “mission” in life, try to find your lifestyle that makes you happy. Good questions lead to good answers and these answers could and should change your current situation.

You can’t see your future but you can do something each day to head in the direction of your ideal life. Your faith and your talents will guide you and give you strength you’ll need. Even if you don’t have personal traits you’ll need, you are able to become a person that you want to be. Step by step, you can change yourself. You can become more hard-working, more open-minded, more enthusiastic, more self-confident etc.

“The clock is ticking and the time has come”: the best person who can change your life is YOU, nobody else is better than you in making your own life better. Do you know what you want from life? Have you written your goals for one year, for two and five years? Do you ask yourself important questions?


Don’t procrastinate! So many beautiful moments you can experience, so many wonderful places you can visit, so many people you can help or make their lives happier, so many… (you can add here what you want).

“Freedom is our call”, you can be anyone you want to be, it’s your life, your future depends on your thinking and your actions. A lot of people succeeded in their lives: why not try to become as successful as they? Isn’t it a perfect day for your DECISION? Dare to live, it’s your life!

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