Answer these questions: answering them honestly can be your first step to a new and better you.

The better questions you ask yourself, the better the results you can get. That’s really true. What questions should you ask yourself if you want to change your life and the way you live your present life?

In my view, some of these important questions could be:

  1. Am I really happy with my lifestyle and my work?
  2. Am I really happy with the quality of my relationships, am I happy with my plans and my dreams?
  3. Do I have a mindset that helps me to grow personally?
  4. Do my own beliefs support my personal growth?
  5. Do I spend time thinking about things that should be important in my life (e.g. Do I think of my destiny, my goals, the values I believe in, etc?)
  6. What excites me? What makes me a happy man (a happy woman)?
  7. Do I really love my family, my spouse, my children?
  8. Am I proud of the quality of my lifestyle?
  9. Am I proud of the quality of my work?
  10. Do I love my work?
  11. Am I afraid of the future?
  12. Do I trust my God? (this question is for those who believe in God)
  13. Do I wait for another day with a joy in my heart?
  14. Am I a better man (a better woman) that I was last year?
  15. Do I know my real aims? Do they motivate me?
  16. What are my main aims in my life?
  17. What would I do as a job if nobody paid me for doing it?
  18. Am I proud of my children?
  19. Is personal growth important to me?
  20. What spheres of my life are the most valuable for me?

Good questions can be followed by good answers. The key is: be honest when answering them.

Give yourself enough time, don’t chase your answers, try to use these questions wisely, it’s your TIME and your life.

Which of the above questions can be the start of your personal change?

Dare to live! It’s YOUR life, make it better!

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