Wisdom is the key to success.

I really like listening to YouTube videos with Jim Rohn’s teachings. The topics like: communication or wisdom are so great that I listen to these videos a few times a day. Repetition is important (Jim Rohn stated it). So I listen to these videos and my undersanding of life matters improves.

Wisdom. Why have I chosen this topic? Because it’s one of the most important things in my life.

I am 48, so I have had a lot of time to learn what wisdom is. I haven’t read any difinition of ‘wisdom’ before writing this post. I want to express my views on wisdom and compare them with those expressed in the video found on YouTube (the name of this recording is “WISDOM – The KEY to Success | Jim Rohn Motivation”; it lasts about 31 minutes).

According to Jim Rohn people are born hungry, adult people want to have: wealth, power, truth, etc. But they can’t be permanently satisfied apart from those who ‘have a commodity called ‘wisdom’. Maybe it’s true. In my view it’s a good thing to be ‘a wise man / woman’. It helps in living our lives. It’s not an easy task to say what wisdom is. Jim Rohn doesn’t answer this question, though he tells us things that can help us to understand wisdom better.

He tells us such things as: ‘wisdom exists’, ‘it’s a human quality’, it’s ‘rare and precious’ and ‘people want to become wise’. I think that nearly everyone agrees with these thoughts. Here, I’ll tell you why wisdom is important to me: I know that wisdom exists, so I can use some people’s wisdom (or mine) to live a happier and better life, I can choose this or that by thinking if my choices are wise; wise choices mean less problems in my life.

It is ‘wise’ to live ‘wisely’. This simple statement isn’t easy to explain. If we are ‘wise’, we act better, we think better, we decide better, and this ‘better’ can lead to some progress in our lives. The words ‘wise’, ‘wisely’ and ‘wisdom’ are crucial; if I act ‘wisely’, I can have better results in my personal growth. It’s worth thinking about our choices before deciding to do something. Wisdom shows us a way, directs us towards our goals.

Even planning should be ‘wise’. Each day we have to decide what is wise and what is not. Jim Rohn says that ‘Mature people ask themselves:

Who am I?

What does life mean?

I’m trying to see ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What can my life mean to other people?’ What struck me most in the mentioned recording is the sentence: ‘Part of wisdom is knowing what you lack and looking for it and asking for it.’

In the next years of my life I’m going to think about the above idea, I want to know what I lack and I’m going to ask for it. It’s an excellent idea.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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