If you want to grow, you have to work at it.

These days I’m reading a book called “Personal Development. A User’s Manual.” The author is Rafał Żak and this book is written in Polish. The author presents issues related to the market of training services, coaching, personal development guides etc.

In one of the chapters of this book Rafał Żak presents “Two Always Effective Ways to Drive the Training and Consulting Industry.” The author mentions Steve Salerno’s book “SHAM”, where on page 6 there is the following sentence: “The most likely customer to buy a self-help book is one who has bought a similar book in the last eighteen months.” (I have translated it from Polish)

Rał Żak wonders why it is the case that “Only a small percentage of people who read books like “How to Become a Millionaire by Working Three Hours a Day” actually work three hours a day and become millionaires.”

Rafał Żak cites Steve Salerno’s opinions on the topic mentioned in the previous paragraph, but here in this post I won’t mention them because I just want to answer a question I often ask myself: “What should I do to really grow?”

My answer is this: if you want to grow, be successful, and be satisfied with your progress, then you need to get serious about your growth; just reading books, taking motivational trainings won’t do anything. This is the truth.

Nothing in life is for free. You need to make a development plan and stick to it. You have to know your path and enjoy it. You can achieve a lot if you are determined, but remember that it takes work. Though working on development gives satisfaction. And that satisfaction spurs you on to new dreams and plans.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life!


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