“Enthusiasm sets the world in motion,” writes John Mason

In his book “Know Your Limits – Then Ignore Them”, John Mason outlines about 100 principles, the so-called “golden rules”. One of them is “Enthusiasm sets the world in motion”.

J. Mason writes: “The main difference between people is the extent to which they are enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm reflects your reserves, your potential resources, and presumably your future.” It’s hard to disagree with this principle. I completely agree with it.

How do you become enthusiastic? I don’t know, but I do know that it should be the dream of anyone who wants to live a life that is fulfilling. Enthusiasm drives you to action, enthusiastic people achieve more and have fun while doing it. Let writing a book be an example: if you are enthusiastic about the process, you don’t get tired, but you write with commitment and joy, your enthusiasm guides you through your work.

Your enthusiasm reflects your reserves. These reserves are in each of us, but without enthusiasm they are dormant. Discovering your life purpose can help here, your life purpose can awaken these reserves and give you new strength and perseverance to do things. We will never know what we are capable of if we do not commit ourselves 100 percent to our life “mission”.

Your enthusiasm also reflects your future. If you are already enthusiastic about your mission or work (project), then in the future you will see results that may amaze you because you work with enthusiasm, you don’t get tired of your work because you do it with pleasure. Your goals give you the feeling that you can achieve them, you are filled with hope, which strengthens you on your way to your dreams.

Decide, start and finish: this principle combined with enthusiasm can change everything – try to act like this and you will amaze yourself. Good luck.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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