Self-esteem is the key to a better life.

Self-esteem is a set of beliefs about oneself and influences how one views oneself and one’s performance. Our self-esteem is an important factor that affects our sense of worth. We can and should evaluate ourselves and want to see how we perform. It is not easy to evaluate ourselves objectively, but it is okay to try because it is worth it.

Doing a self-assessment helps in planning the next steps, the next steps on our development path. It is worth, for example, thinking twice a year about the following questions and answering them honestly. In my opinion, these important questions are, for example:

What areas of development do I consider most important?

Am I considering development related to family life and relationships with the people who are most important to me?

Do I accept myself and my achievements?

Am I satisfied with my development?

Which areas of development interest me the most?

Do I enjoy my development?

Have I taken any new developmental actions in the last year?

We can try to look for some questions on the Internet, these questions will help us to properly self-assess our development activities. One website that provides ready-made questions is this one:

This website contains questions grouped into categories such as Questions about the job, Questions about performance, Professional development questions, Questions to encourage growth, Questions about behavior and values.

In addition, you will also find tips on what to pay attention to during a self-assessment.

Self-esteem can be positive or negative. Our self-assessment affects the building of positive self-esteem. It is worth trying to honestly assess your achievements, attitudes, quality of relationships with other people, your ambitions, appreciate what you manage to work out.

Constant self-improvement, self-reflection leads to strengthening of positive self-esteem. Life is constant change, constant learning, constant progress. And so it should be, because positive change drives our growth.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life!


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