True Visionaries Are People of True Faith.

I am currently reading a very good book called “Heroic Living. Discover Your Purpose and Change the World.” Its author is Chris Lowney, a former managing director at JP Morgan.

In the beginning, the author encourages the reader to grow by writing: “You were born to change the world. You will make the most of this opportunity by mastering three essential skills:

1. Formulate a purpose worthy of the rest of your life.

2. Make wise career and relationship choices in this changing and uncertain world.

3. Make each day count by paying attention to your thoughts, actions, and performance.”

The above sentences are my translation of the Polish edition of the book.

Chris Lowney’s book is full of inspiring thoughts related to human development, making daily choices, etc. It is worth reading because of the author’s interesting approach to development. Ignatius Loyola‘s way of life and his “Spiritual Exercises” are often shown as a guide for us.

Later in this post, I will quote a few sentences from the mentioned book and write some of my thoughts related to this text.

First, what Chris Lowney conveys to us: “True visionaries are people of true faith. They have the courage of their convictions because they hold them. They change others because they have changed themselves by the power and greatness of their faith. Hardened by their faith, they are able to endure seemingly impossible trials with genuine readiness and willingness in order to repair the world.”

Our world needs healing, so it needs visionaries. It needs people of faith, people of empathy, people of courage. In the world we live in, there is so much wealth, so much food waste, and alongside that, so much misery. We the people should pray for better rulers, for leaders who will stir the consciences of the people to awaken year after year those “sleeping” and thinking almost exclusively of their family, their city and their country.

The example should come from above, from those in power. I have already written somewhere about my dream: I would like referendums to be held in the so-called rich countries, so that the citizens could say whether they want, for example, one percent of the budget of a given country to be spent on improving the quality of life of the poorest people who suffer from poverty.

Our world needs people of conscience, people of faith, people who do not measure wealth by the balance of their bank account but by the amount of kindness given to those who suffer.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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