Spiritual life and daily life can (and should) be harmoniously connected (I experience this in my life).

We have one life, so harmony should apply to all life and all areas of life. Whether it is private life, professional life, financial matters and anything else related to human development should be in harmony.

In my opinion, it is impossible to live believing in God, praying to Him, and at the same time to betray, steal, and hurt other people. Such double-mindedness ends badly. A well-formed conscience always shows whether we do good or commit evil.

Harmony of life, peace of mindaren’t these the conditions for a happy life? For me they are. Someone said: “Love and do what you want.” There is meaning in that. Whether at work or at home, we are to be honest, for did God make a mistake in giving us the commandments? He didn’t make a mistake, He gave us commandments so that we would have signposts for our path in life.

I thank God for giving us His signposts, they indicate exactly that I cannot steal, cheat etc. People are sometimes short-sighted. Is 80 or 100 years of life much compared to eternity? And there, that is, in eternity we will live and we will answer to God for everything we have done, what we have not done, what we have said, etc. Goodness, truth, honesty, love, faithfulness, loyalty, hard work – these values can give direction in life, harmony is associated with following such values.

Concluding this short text, I wish myself and everyone who reads my reflections one thing: a harmonious life in accordance with values that will never lose their validity.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life. God believes in you.

Ps. In a few days you will probably be able to buy my first book on Amazon KDP. This book is: “Dare to Live. God Has Given You Your Past to Prepare You for An Exceptional Present and Future.” It is about 50 pages long and consists of 4 chapters. I will give a more detailed description of my book in a few days (probably) when it is available on Amazon KDP. There will only be an ebook to start with, but I’m also planning a paperbook. Have a great day!

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