‘I sit down and just watch.’

‘Just sit anywhere: by a window, in a church, in a museum, or on a bench in the park next door, and just look, feel everything that’s around me.’

The title of this post and its first sentence is a quote from Astrid Eulalie’s book ‘La Minute chat’ (I have the Polish version of this book, the quote is a translation from Polish). I will refer to this sentence: it is interesting that so many of us unlearn to just sit and look, and feel, and listen, and perceive with our senses our beautiful world and the places where we are.

We strive for goals, we have plans we need and want to accomplish, but will focusing almost exclusively on chasing our goals give us a sense of meaning? I don’t think it is possible, unless we have this belief that yes, goals are important, but enriched by such a goal: I will today and every day have time to, for example, look at the world without rushing, listen to what is happening around me, I will ‘slowly’ observe life, the lives of other people.

The pursuit of goals is a huge temptation. You choose what is important to you, appreciate what you see and what you observe, what you look at ‘slowly’, what you listen to ‘slowly’.

Do you understand my today’s message?

Dare to listen and look. Slowly.

Dare to live, slowly. It’s YOUR life. Live wisely.


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