My idea is quite simple…

“God created you to live happily, each of us deserves happiness because God loves us so much.

You can stop being afraid of life. You can discover that loving God leads you through your life, you can discover that all your past experiences prepared you for your exceptional present and future.

The above sentences are from the description of my first book (in ebook form) that I posted on Amazon.
I believe it is useful to treat past experiences as a base that leads to a better present and future.

The title of my ebook is: Dare to Live: God Has Given You Your Past to Prepare You for An Exceptional Present and Future.

I share my views on the following:

Chapter 1. Your Past: Its Value to Your Present and Future.

Chapter 2. Your Future Can Be a Masterpiece – It’s Up to You.

Chapter 3. Your Present: Act Now and Enjoy Your Growth.

Chapter 4. How Do I Know That I Have Achieved Success?

In Chapter 4 you will read about my own perspective on the meaning of success and I will tell you about the questions I ask myself if I want to know that I am successful.

If you want, you can follow the simple 3 steps:

Step 1.
You accept your past (recognizing its pros and cons), treating it as the “base” for your present and future.

Step 2. You imagine (visualize) your future (which motivates you to act in the present).

Step 3. You act and enjoy your growth giving yourself a chance to live a more interesting, joyful, fulfilled and successful life.

I’d like to add that in Chapter 3 there are 40 principles and tips that affect your results on your way to accomplishments. My ebook costs 0,99 US dollars (if you buy it on

Have a great day.

It’s YOUR life.


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