What is success (in my view)?

In this post I will give my view on what success is. I also wrote about it in the last chapter of my first ebook entitled “Dare to Live: God Has Given You Your Past to Prepare You for An Exceptional Present and Future”.

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How do I know when I have achieved success?

Currently (September 2021) I know I have achieved success when:

  1. I get up in the morning and want to live and do the things I love to do.
  1. I know what I expect from life and from myself.
  2. I am not afraid of the future (because why should I be?)
  3. I take opportunities to give good to other people.
  4. I am happy with what I have: e.g. life, health, family, etc.
  5. I forgive everyone everything.
  6. I am grateful: to God and people.

    8. I fill my time with what is necessary and what I like to do.

    9. My life is orderly: internally and externally.

    10. I have good relationships with people.

    11. I don’t hurry or rush through life.

    12. I don’t race against anyone.

    13. I give myself permission to make mistakes.

    14. I don’t hurt other people and treat them the way I would like them to treat me.

    15. I contribute to other people’s development.

And what is success for you? In the media, press, etc., success is associated with material prosperity, youth, social status etc. These things are important too, but perhaps not the most important? What do you, the reader, think about this?

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