The feeling of happiness is closely related to the attitude towards reality.

Happiness, a sense of happiness – these are some of the most important things or concepts for us humans; we are created to be happy, God wants us to be happy. So why are so many of us not happy?

It seems to me that feeling or experiencing happiness largely depends on one’s attitude, i.e. one’s approach to the reality in which one currently finds oneself. This attitude can be positive, negative or neutral. If we think about it seriously, we can develop a positive approach to how we live our lives. The right approach to our lives is the key to happiness.

You can ask me if I am happy and I will answer everyone: yes, I am. And this is due precisely to my approach (attitude) to the reality in which I find myself. If I am alive, do not suffer from a painful illness, have something to eat and drink (and it is of good quality), have a loving family, friends, and besides (or rather mainly) believe in God and His providence and my destiny to eternal life, what more do I need for happiness or to feel happiness? I don’t need anything else, although I have dreams and plans to make my life more varied and interesting.

I think my approach (attitude) to life is optimal: I enjoy every day because it is new and I always have something interesting to do: I work by teaching other people what I already know, I relax by reading (listening) books, watching movies, learning foreign languages, sometimes I travel, meet people, pray, attend Mass and religious meetings. This is my whole life, which makes me happy.

I suggest you: focus on what you like, on what you have, on those you love, help people, have goals, be grateful: to God and to people, and you will experience a sense of happiness, you don’t even need to know exactly how to define ‘happiness’ to be happy. When you are happy, you just know it. I wonder if you, the readers, are happy? And if so, does the feeling of happiness accompany you every day?

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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