Will this be interesting to you?

Dear reader, maybe you’ll be interested in the content of my first ebook. The ebook is available on Amazon.

The title is: Dare to Live: God Has Given You Your Past to Prepare You for An Exceptional Present and Future“.

Here you can read some of the content (it’s taken from “Foreword”):

” (…) please read the goals I set for myself when I created this book. I wrote them to help you focus on the work you need to do, because reading alone is not enough; if you want to benefit from the content presented in this book and do it wisely and effectively you need to keep these goals in mind. Your job is (if you decide you want it) to implement the ideas I present into your life.

Goal #1:

This book and especially Introduction will help you recognize the truth that God loves you and wants to guide you through your amazing life. If you REALLY want to experience a better and happier life you must desire change for the better and believe that your life can become a work of art. God believes in you! Decide that you will try hard and the result of your efforts will be the achievement of your goals that you have not dared to set for yourself until now.

Goal #2:

The main purpose of Chapter One (Your Past: Its Value to Your Present and Future) is to show you that your past was a preparation of you for the next stages of your life, and no matter what it looked like, you can use all of your past experiences to build and create your present and future by being equipped with the wisdom you have acquired over the course of your life so far.

I will try to help you accept your past experiences because they have led you to where you are today. From this place, and from this moment you can begin your progress, your journey, which can amaze you if you give yourself a chance and are brave. I will show you that life experiences have value for the present and the future.

Goal #3:

The main purpose of Chapter Two (Your Future Can Be a Masterpiece – It’s Up to You) is to encourage you to believe in the idea that you (with God’s help) are capable of turning your life into a work of art if you dare to make the necessary effort. Your life is YOURS, so no one else can design it better than you.

If you are strong-willed, you are able to create your own plan that can lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams. The fact that you had the courage to dream and plan your actions will give you strong motivation to act in the way you planned. I wrote Chapter Two to help you believe in your talents, your dreams, and all the wonderful feelings associated with your imagined future. The things you can imagine are also achievable. The reward associated with achieving your goals will be so special that imagining that reward will give you the needed strength and determination you will need to move (step by step) toward your goal(s).

Goal #4:

The main purpose of Chapter Three (Your Present: Act Now and Enjoy Your Growth) is to present some rules and tips that can help you when you take action to achieve your goal(s).”

Have a great day and dare to live, it’s YOUR life.


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