Find your inner voice and write what you want to tell people.

If you’re full of ideas and thoughts about the world around you, it might be time to share your content with readers who are hungry for what you think and feel.

Regina Brett writes interestingly on this subject in her book ‘Mów własnym głosem” (original title is “Use Yor Words. 50 Lessons for Speaking Your Truth” – I have this book in Polish translation).

Regina Brett encourages you to give the most interesting conclusions and topics for discussion. She also writes that you need to be able to justify why it is worthwhile to be interested in what you write about and what you bring to the field, as well as what your unique approach is.

These remarks by Regina Brett seem to be correct, and there are several books by this author available in Poland. I read with attention and interest “Use Your Words.”

I encourage anyone who has anything important to say to the world: start writing and speaking. Write straight from your heart.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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