Don’t Lose Faith in Your Dreams…

“Nothing comes to mind…” (from the song “Urke”, the band ‘Wilki’, 2002). It comes a lot to a head after 49 years of life. In this post I want to share with you dear reader a handful of ideas and thoughts related to the content of the song “Urke”.

I come to think of what is important to me in life: God, family, honour, principles, God’s law aimed at the good of man… Life is simple. You base it on the Decalogue and you have peace: peace in the family, peace in the soul, peace at work; what will you give in exchange for a sense of peace in your heart and a peaceful sleep?

“Don’t lose faith in dreams, there is so much to lose…” (the song “Urke”). Dreams are the drive of this world. Many people in Portugal had dreams in 1917: they dreamed of the end of the war, of peace in their families, of true love… Some of them asked God for hope, for their sons to return home from a terrible war (every war proves the weakness of the man who causes it). Some of these Portuguese citizens lost their faith, others regained it in order to live life to the full and to love God’s will above all else. “Don’t lose faith in dreams, there is so much to lose…”

Some of the Portuguese may have given up on going to the place where the miracle was supposed to have happened. They certainly regretted it afterwards. But how much joy and experience of God was in the hearts of those who made the effort and set out; they experienced what was not given to the other billions who have lived throughout history on our planet. They saw what is now called the miracle of the sun. Incredible, but true.

In the book written by L. Gonzaga da Fonseca ‘Le meraviglie di Fatima. Apparizioni, culto, miracoli.’ we can read the following description of the miracle of the sun in 1917 (the following translation is mine): “It was an extraordinary, the sun’s disc appeared like a silver moon. Then it began to revolve, like a fiery wheel, throwing in every direction sheaves of yellow, green, red, blue and purple light, which coloured beautifully the clouds in the sky, the trees, the stones, the ground and the countless people. The solar disk stopped suddenly for a few moments, and then began again its luminous dance like a beautiful chandelier, made by the most talented pyrotechnicians. It stopped once more, only to start spinning a third time even more varied, more sparkling than the fireworks. The crowd froze in awe and stared without a word.”

“Suddenly they all had the sensation that the sun had detached itself from the vault of the sky and thrown itself at them! A great shout burst forth from every breast; they expressed their common fear, and in different cries expressed different feelings: “A miracle! A miracle!” – cried some, “I believe in God!” – cried others, “Hail Mary!” prayed still others. The largest number of people cried out: “My God, have mercy!” and, falling to their knees in the mud, loudly recited an act of contrition.”

“Don’t lose faith in dreams, there is so much to lose…” sings Robert Gawliński (Urke, of course). You and I shouldn’t lose faith in dreams, because there’s so much to lose… So don’t lose faith in dreams, in God’s providence, in people, in changes for the better, in love, in good that overcomes evil…

Life does not last forever here on Earth, but up there in Heaven – yes, it lasts forever. Here on Earth you are only for
a moment, there you are for eternity… “Take advantage of this moment…” (Urke). You are not alone, you may have lost your happiness, but God will let you find it: love people and they will love you…

Hold fast to God and His law and you will win your life, be fulfilled and joyful… “Don’t lose faith in your dreams…”
I will end this entry with the words: “We drink to a better time, to every day that lasts in life, to every memory that lives in us, may it live for a while longer…”

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life. God believes in you, believe in Him.


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