We are all uncommon, do you agree?

In my opinion there are no ordinary people, we are all extraordinary, we have the potential to be extraordinary. What does it even mean: to be extraordinary?

Maybe the unordinary are those of us who are not afraid to take risks, maybe it’s those who have something to say to other people and say what they think (although this is not always a good strategy).

Maybe the uncommon are the little children who are sincere? Maybe the one who persistently pursues his goal regardless of the outcome is not ordinary, maybe the one who believes in people, in their goodness is extraordinary; maybe St. Albert Chmielowski was extraordinary, who in spite of others pursued his goal of helping the poor?

Do you dare to be extraordinary? Do you dare to take stock of your life in an unusual and sincere way, to ask yourself: “What am I proud of?”, “Am I a good person?”, “Am I not selfish?” etc, etc.

Courage is a quality of uncommon people; you can be uncommon, you can be courageous and not go with the flow, you can decide for yourself what is success for you. In my opinion, success is giving good things, being happy every day, enjoying what life brings, loving other people. Maybe uncommon people create their own definition of success? Do you want to be extraordinary?

Dare to live, it’s YOUR life.


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