The Holy Mass: source of grace, source of strength…

The Holy Mass can become a source of grace, a source of strength, it can give what people cannot give.

For me, the Holy Mass is an encounter with the living God, an encounter with Him, with Jesus Christ in His Word, in His Body (while receiving Holy Communion). The Mass is something that cannot be described. God gives the grace to know what the Mass is, but we won’t fully realise how great the miracles are during each Mass.

The Holy Mass will always remain some kind of mystery, a mystery to be discovered. I thank God for giving me an understanding of what happens at every Holy Mass, an understanding that I can experience at this stage of my life. I firmly believe that Jesus is truly present in Holy Communion, I thank God for the grace to believe in this miracle that God allows me to experience.

The Holy Mass gives power, it gives graces, but first we must trust God and let Him lead us, lead us through our experience of the Holy Mass.

Dare to believe.

Believe in HIM.


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