Joy, peace, attitude – that’s what matters, the rest only comes later.

I experience this every day – it is my everyday life; and not only mine: this is how a lot of people around the world feel too. For what is of value if you and I are lacking: joy, peace and an appropriate (i.e. positive) attitude towards life, people, work and responsibilities?

Without the things mentioned above, everything can collapse, we feel bad, we have no enthusiasm, we lose our sense of meaning and purpose, sometimes we get depressed. What then remains to be done?

My answer is prayer, fervent prayer to GOD for whom all things are possible; often only GOD has the best solution. So when you lack peace, joy and the right attitude, start praying from the bottom of your heart – HE can do everything.

I have experienced it more than once: GOD is able in his own way to restore lost peace, to inspire new hope, to lift us up when we fall. In my opinion, there is nothing more certain than GOD’s help, because HE is almighty. I don’t know how it happens, but when I ask, I get: I get joy, peace and the right attitude.

Yesterday I even wrote down this thought (in Polish): “Radość, pokój, nastawienie – to jedyne me pragnienie.” In English it would sound more or less like this: “Joy, peace, attitude – this is my only desire.”

When you have peace, joy and the right attitude then you already have a lot, building on this you will move forward, you will find the strength to work, to serve, to love people, to work on yourself, you will start to complete your daily tasks with enthusiasm. For someone who has the gift of never losing the three mentioned (joy, peace and attitude) life is quite simple: he is always full of energy and strength.

But this state of affairs is not experienced by everyone, and perhaps no one even functions in this way. Maybe we will always lack something. Sometimes it is the three that we lack, do you remember what things I am talking about?

I wish for myself and for everyone who reads these words: let us NEVER give up, because it is not our destiny to experience lack of peace, lack of joy and lack of the right attitude. Prayer is the factor that works miracles, it is the most reliable factor (in my opinion).

Ask yourself now: do you have inner peace, joy and the right attitude? Do you care or worry about what is beyond your control? Do you overestimate the value of your talents, cleverness, possessions, your family, friends? If you had all this, but lacked peace, joy and the right attitude, would you be missing out on what is crucial? Have you ever thought about what people who lack these three things are like? Do you try to help those who lack these things? Aren’t you only focused on going through life lightly, easily and pleasantly, and let others manage on their own?

Do something today that will help you live happier, that will help you live more fully, but also do something for those who can’t make it on their own. Do not live only for yourself.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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