Some content of my first ebook:

“Dare to Live.

God Has Given You Your Past

to Prepare You for An Exceptional

Present and Future

Chapter One.

Your Past: Its Value to Your Present and Future.

In every person’s life, the past represents an important stage. This stage has its value to the present and the future.

All our past serves us to live more wisely and better in our “now”. If you acknowledge God as the Lord of your life and your time, He will help you learn the right lessons from past events. The Lord knows best how we should think and act. He has given us signposts in the form of commandments, and these signposts are priceless gifts that show us how we should think, speak and what we should do (or not do) to keep our conscience clear.

God’s will is your development and growth. This growth can take place in many areas of your life: you can develop your spirituality, you can take care of your physical and mental health, you can take care of your relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, you can develop in the area of finances, etc. In God’s hands you can feel safe, God wants your happiness, so He also wants your development.

Accept your past

You cannot change past events, you cannot influence or change the past, so you should accept it. God is the Lord of your past – He has been with you every moment of your life, He has seen you and your thoughts, words and deeds. You may have erred at times in hurting yourself and others, but that is history.

When you accept your past (instead of grieving over it) you give yourself a chance for a new start, your acceptance can be a turning point in your development.

Do not dwell on mistakes and sins, focus on living your “now” better, avoid mistakes, and you will feel the satisfaction of being able to learn from past experiences.

(“Accept your past” is the first part of my short ebook; the next parts are:

Be grateful,

Appreciate God’s gifts from your past,

Forgive yourself and others,

Learn from past experiences and mistakes)

I will put the mentioned parts on this blog soon.

Dare to Live. It’s YOUR life.


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