Be grateful, Appreciate God’s gifts from your past, Forgive yourself and others (some content of my first ebook: available on Amazon)

Be grateful

An attitude of gratitude simply pays off. Everyone who is grateful lives a happier life than someone who is not. What should you be grateful for? And to whom should you be grateful? You can be grateful to God for giving you life, health, parents, friends, opportunities for professional and personal growth, and many other things. Not everyone has what you have. Think about this. It is really important for your growth.

You can be thankful for your teachers, parents, and other people who have influenced what you have become, what you believe etc. So many people have contributed to the way you are now.

Now think about who you are grateful to and what you are grateful for.

Appreciate God’s gifts from your past

You can consider everything you have experienced in the past as gifts from God. These gifts include: your memories, experiences, illnesses, joys, sorrows, accomplishments, friendships, past education, work, family, friends, etc.

As time passes, you “accumulate” more and more of these gifts. With more and more ‘life material’ on which you can draw conclusions, look at your past and plan a better and happier life.

Reflect on what you consider to be the gifts from God that have most enriched your life. Come back to this reflection, for example, once a year or even more often. Reflecting on what is important enables you to grow. Try not to make the mistakes you see in your past.

Forgive yourself and others

Another point (very important) is to be able to forgive yourself and other people. This is not always easy, but it is always possible. Forgiving yourself and others is the foundation of inner peace that you can truly experience to live a harmonious life. You can forgive yourself just as God forgives us our sins because He loves us.

Imagine that you have forgiven yourself and others and can say to yourself, ‘I have forgiven everything and everyone.’ This forgiveness will give you a new kind of freedom, freedom from the negative emotions you experienced when you were unable to forgive.

Some people say that the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. As for me, I can honestly say to myself, ‘I have forgiven myself and other people for everything. Other people and I have made mistakes because that is human nature, prone to do bad things, to sin.’ My forgiveness results in
a life of greater peace and joy. I know that for many people, forgiving themselves and others can be challenging. Maybe that’s the case for you.

But remember: it’s worth trying (over and over again) to forgive yourself and others – the effects of such forgiveness are so positive that you will never regret this step.

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Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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