Peace in the heart and in the world depends on how much we want it and how we raise our children.

Our world, states, nations, societies, etc: are complex matters, and even sometimes very complicated. However, it was not someone else who made us the world we have, but W ourselves, the human species created weapons of destruction, conflicts, sometimes perhaps diseases, etc.

What can we do to fix at least in part the status quo: wars, conflict, injustice, etc. The answer is in values: goodness, truth, beauty, justice, fairness, respect, etc. If we want the world to be better, we must pass these values on to our children. They (and further generations) can at least partially rectify the evil we have experienced for thousands of years.

Each of us can build peace within ourselves, pray to God about our approach to ourselves and others, year by year we (and our children) should be and become better for ourselves, for others, for our world so scarred by human decisions that are not in line with God’s will. Humans will never repair the damage and misery they have prepared for themselves.

But when we reject pride, greed, impurity, envy, immoderation in eating and drinking, anger, laziness (and many other evil human traits that believers will call sin), only then is there a chance for a better world. The school system has a lot of work to do here if those in power understand that schools should support more moral education and offer values as the art of living, the way to peace in hearts. World peace is almost a utopia, but we cannot assume in advance that nothing can be done.

Take care of your peace of heart and share that peace with others.


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