How to write a great post (tips from a blogger whose name I have forgotten).

I have in front of me a few pages torn out of a book (paperback) and I want to share the content contained there. I don’t have the title page, I have forgotten the author’s name, so I ask the author to forgive me for not being able to give the author’s name for these valuable tips.

Here are those tips:

A great post:

” – evokes an emotional response

  • is easy to read
  • teaches a simple lesson
  • arouses controversy
  • is visually appealing
  • is not complicated
  • makes you feel like saying “WOW”
  • focuses on the reader
  • is unique and interesting”

The author goes on to mention flagship content; she writes “flagship content consists of those posts that generate traffic to the site.” (my book by the author whose tips I’m writing about is in Polish, so I don’t give exact quotes, which is obvious, but the content is generally the same).

I personally agree with the author, although I don’t consider myself a very experienced blogger.
I am writing this post to bring the content of the book to myself and to share useful knowledge with my readers.

What else can I mention today?

As nearly always:

Dare to live, It’s YOUR life.

Dariusz Łukasik (daretolive

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