How to write a blog post? (according to Neil Patel)

Some time ago (in 2019) I came across a resource on the Internet (it was on Nail Patel’s youtube to be exact) that presented how you can write blog posts to be effective.

Neil Patel gave such a method there:

“1. First tip: Start off with a title.
“2. The second step: hook people with a bold statement.”

“3. Use subheadings, and keep your paragraphs around five to six lines max.”

“4. Link out to other people.”

“5. Last but not least, you wanna wrap up your post with a conclusion“.

Neil Patel writes: “The conclusion summarizes what your post was about, and you end your conclusion with a question.” Posting a question increases the chances that readers will leave a comment.

For me, everything I have quoted above makes sense.

I thank Neil Patel with this post for his valuable advice. Dear Neil, if you’re reading this (?): thanks a lot, you make my job as a blogger and book author easier, thanks! Well done!

Dear readers: dare to live, it’s YOUR lives!

Dariusz Łukasik (daretolive72)

Ps. Neil’s website is here:

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