What does Mark Manson write about on his blog (according to Natasha Courtenay-Smith)?

What can you write about on a personal development blog? About a lot of things, but in this post I will present an idea from Natasha Courtenay-Smith’s book entitled “The Million Dollar Blog” (I have this book in Slovak, so this will not be an English quote, but a translation from Slovak).

Natasha writes that Mark Manson is a blogger who teaches about personal development; besides, according to Natasha, Mark’s content reaches more than two million people (per month) – all through his website, social media and online marketing.

The topics Mark addresses on his website

Natasha lists the topics Mark addresses on his website. These are: happiness, relationships, self-awareness and habits. In my opinion, this sequence is worth remembering, because if Mark successfully runs his blog and writes about these very topics, then maybe you too, dear reader – if personal development is your domain too – write about: happiness, relationships, awareness and habits.

My reflection

I have been writing about personal development topics since 2017 ( blogs and in my first ebook, available on Amazon.com). Mark Manson writes about happiness not by accident, because what does the average person dream of when they get up in the morning? If you are one of the normal thinking people, you want to HAPPILY get through the day (and of course your whole life). And everything is clear: happiness and the feeling of happiness must be written about, that’s obvious.


We live in families, we are a society, what would our lives be worth if we had to live them alone. So – relationships – let’s write about relationships.


An interesting topic: the better we know ourselves, the happier and more complete our lives are.


And the last point: habits. For anyone who has a habit of doing something systematically, it is clear why it is worthwhile to learn about habits. From good habits come spectacular successes.

If you want to find out more about Natasha Courtnay-Smith take a look here:

Natasha’s website.

About Mark Manson read here: markmanson.net

My advice: try to be happy, take care of relationships with people, know yourself and have good (effective) habits. And apart from that,

dare to live. It’s YOUR life.

Dariusz Łukasik

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