“Using your strengths is far more lucrative…” ( a post inspired by the book by Timothy Ferriss)

"Using our strengths is far more lucrative and enjoyable than trying to fix all the cracks in our armour. We have a choice between multiplying our results by using our strengths and making tiny progress against our weaknesses. These advances will at best allow us to achieve mediocrity in a given field."

“Focus on being productive, not busy.” (T. Ferriss)

"Skup się na byciu produktywnym, a nie na byciu zajętym." (T. Ferriss) Focusing on the goal is important. Do you have something important to do? Then just do it! Don't procrastinate. Don't put off what's really important until later. And you have to be focused on being productive, learn to be productive. Ważne jest skupienie … Continue reading “Focus on being productive, not busy.” (T. Ferriss)