Why don’t people believe in God? (my personal opinion)

Today I will try to answer this question. I am a Catholic and have been a believer and practitioner of my faith for as long as I can remember.

I owe my faith to my parents, they were my role model. I have never had a crisis of faith,
I consider it as a gift from God.

Why don’t people believe in God?

I don’t know. For me, the issue is obvious for several reasons. Personally, I think that one of the most obvious evidences for the existence of God is the existence of man and nature. In my opinion, SOMEONE had to give a beginning to the universe, nature and man. Nothing happens by itself. As the Holy Scriptures says “From the beauty of the creatures one recognizes the Creator” (this is not a literal quotation)

I recognize God from the beauty of creatures, but I also believe in God in the Trinity (based on the revelation of God to the people of Israel, based on the belief in the historicity of Jesus Christ; besides, there are also Eucharistic miracles, some people experience unexplainable healings from serious diseases, etc.).

Considering the above, I don’t know why it is so difficult for some people to open themselves to the grace of faith, because it is grace, that is, a free gift from God.

Even if evolution created man, life itself had to start from SOMEONE, and that SOMEONE is God.


God has given us life, God leads every man to live with HIM in heaven, HE gives the grace of faith – but first a man must open himself to it, and when he believes then life will become more beautiful and simpler.

Problems will not disappear, but it will be easier to overcome them with God, to cope with challenges of everyday life.

And you, do you believe in God? Do you accept God’s gifts? Do you believe that heaven is man’s destiny?

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.

Dariusz Łukasik

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