Faith in God and His love for us humans – a personal reflection of a 50 year old.


La fede in Dio e il suo amore per noi uomini – una riflessione personale di un cinquantenne.

(This post is in English and Italian)

I have believed in God since I can remember, the faith was given to me by my parents, they “gave” me to my church, they made sure I was baptized as a child (I am Catholic, just like my parents). I remember attending Holy Masses (with my parents), I remember my parents’ daily prayers (on their knees). My parents taught me the faith and for that I am grateful to God and them.

Credo in Dio da quando ho memoria, la fede mi è stata trasmessa dai miei genitori, che mi hanno “regalato” alla mia chiesa e si sono assicurati che fossi battezzato da bambino (sono cattolico, proprio come i miei genitori). Ricordo di aver partecipato alla Santa Messa (con i miei genitori),

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