The second passage from my second book entitled “DARE TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT”

“And now I will describe the main changes I made in my life in the years 2010- 2022. I will show these changes and the current situation using the so-called Happiness Hexagon described by Frederick Karzelek in his book ‘Problems are good‘ (The book is written in Polish and entitled Problemy są dobre). In it, F. Karzelek writes that the feeling of happiness depends on the Heksagon of Happiness, in which he distinguishes six areas of life; these areas are as follows: work, finances, health, relationships, personal development, time for oneself.

I will describe below how my life is now and what changes for the better I made between 2010 and 2022 (in individual areas of the so-called Happiness Hexagon).

I. Area: Work

1. I have gradually reduced my working hours between 2010 and 2022; I used to work about 30 hours a week, now I work 3 hours a day for 6 days a week, which is 18 hours of work a week (the time saved is devoted to personal development – intellectual, emotional, spiritual – and also to pleasures).

2. My work gives me more opportunities for development as I used to work with groups of clients and now I work on a ‘one-to-one’ basis which enables me to focus on the needs of the individual client.

3. My work gives me the opportunity to develop intellectually: I am becoming more fluent in English thanks to my daily contact with it; I am becoming the better expert in my job.

4. Thanks to my work, my self-esteem increases because I have a positive influence on my clients: I encourage them to grow intellectually, I help them to develop, I check the results of their work, I also offer advice to them.

II. Area: Finances

1. I have gradually developed the habit of systematic saving and, as a result, my financial situation is getting better and better (my assets are increasing year by year).

2. I can afford to pursue my dreams because I can afford the things that are important to me.

3. I am able to deny myself certain ‘cravings’ so that I can save money for that period of my life when I can no longer work.

4. I am consciously and responsibly building up my financial security (e.g. in the form of a so-called ‘financial cushion’ and assets for my old age).

5. I can earn quite a lot in one hour, as I have a fairly substantial hourly rate.

6. I could live for some time without having to work, as I have funds saved up for this.

7. I avoid credit and loans, I do not want to pay someone (e.g. a bank) for borrowed money.

8. My level of financial awareness has increased (e.g. I know what to invest in, how to protect the value of money, etc.).”

I am currently writing my second book, from which the above content is taken. I intend to sell it through Amazon.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.

Dariusz Łukasik (daretolive72)

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