“It’s important to start living now, because we don’t know how much of this life we have left.”

"priest Kaczkowski said that we should 'live life on a full petard'. The director responds to the question of what 'life on a full petard' means to him. He answers as follows: "For me, 'living life on a full petard' means making the most of every moment, every encounter, 100 per cent. The time I experience and dedicate to myself and my loved ones is to be fully qualitative and unique." The director also adds, "The message of our film is also that we need to start living now, because we don't know how much of this life we have left."

“We are afraid to be ourselves, with all our flaws, defects and shortcomings. We don’t want to expose ourselves to…” (Regina Wong)

"We are afraid to be ourselves, with all our flaws, defects and shortcomings. We don't want to expose ourselves to disapproval and criticism, so we voluntarily give up making ourselves happy. And this is even more frightening!" (Regina Wong)

Your future can be amazing, visualising your goals will help you do this.

Everything you will read about in chapter two I write so that you can imagine and 'see' your future in a positive way. My intention is to help you decide to plan your path (of course, during this path you can change your plan, adapting it to your current desires and dreams), to imagine what a masterpiece your life can become, a life of which you are the creator.

Learn from past experiences and mistakes (some excerpts from my second ebook).

In your past, you may have made mistakes that affected your life. You made decisions that had consequences. An example of a wrong decision might be dropping out of school in your youth. At the time it seemed beneficial, but years later someone may regret leaving education behind.

“Don’t be afraid to dream, but leave some of your dreams to yourself” (some excerpts from my second ebook).

Your dreams and plans are your personal business. You can share them with people who support you and share your enthusiasm. Consider well to whom and what you want to say. Informing a friend of your intentions can be an additional motivating factor. Or you can choose another way."

God is looking for us, sinners (spiritual development).

Archbishop Sheen writes: "People living in filth rarely realise how filthy filth is. People living in sin generally do not understand how hideous sin is. It has the terrible property that the more we experience it, the less we know about it. We identify with it so closely that we do not perceive the depth of our humiliation or the height from which we have fallen."