“The flow” and its benefits.


In his book 'Emotional Intelligence', Daniel Goleman describes a state called 'flow'. It is a state in which we are fully focused on an action, on a task, and even sometimes have no sense of time passing. Nel suo libro "Intelligenza emotiva", Daniel Goleman descrive uno stato chiamato "flusso". Si tratta di uno stato in … Continue reading “The flow” and its benefits.

Optimism and emotional intelligence

It’s worth being optimistic, looking to the future with hope. This post is inspired by a quote from Daniel Goleman’s book ‘Emotional Intelligence’. I will quote a short extract from page 160 of my copy (translated from Polish): “”Optimism, like hope, implies a strong expectation that, despite failures and setbacks, everything will turn out – … Continue reading Optimism and emotional intelligence

A few sentences from ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (Daniel Goleman) and my commentary on them.


Who among us would not want to be among those characterised by emotional self-control? Emotions are necessary, they are there to serve us, but - attention - we must not allow them to work against us. And this is why it is so important to REACT in an appropriate manner to the emotions that arise within us. They can be positive or negative.

What is the real meaning of success?


Each of us can define our own success. In order to do so, one can ask oneself the question: How will I know that I have achieved (am achieving) success? For me, success is living a peaceful life, getting rid of stressors, having a good, rewarding job, setting financial goals and achieving them, having healthy relationships with my wife and other people, developing interests (e.g. personal development, Slavic languages).

On a Positive Attitude Towards Oneself (a post inspired by the thought of Jim McManus CSsR)


What happens to you in life is mainly up to you, you can (if you want to) be "the manager" of your life, you can shape it, you can start (or continue) to think in a positive, creative way. You have one life, use it well, think well of yourself, you have the right to do so and it is even your duty.