What limits us? Why don’t we feel full happiness?

“I think one of the main reasons is the fears we experience. If we got rid of the fears, our sense of happiness would be at a higher level. In my case, I have been eliminating fears from my life year after year, there are a few fears left in my life – I am working and getting rid of them. I believe that with God’s help I will get rid of the few fears that limit me. I pray for God’s help.” (this extract is from my newest book)

“I can confidently say what I am not afraid of: I am not afraid of losing my job, because up to now God’s providence has provided me with a job; I am not afraid of people’s opinion of me; I am not afraid of old age; I am not afraid of war.”

“So I experience few fears and I am grateful to God for that. I am convinced that I experience happiness to a high degree. This is my subjective evaluation, but really only the subjective evaluation matters. My dream is to get rid of an anxiety of a certain kind, an anxiety that has been “dragging” behind me for a dozen or even several decades.” (the above extract is also from my newest book)

“Fears can be lived with, but they are a ‘crutch’, they do not allow us to enjoy life to the full. It is good to entrust ourselves to God; we need to give ourselves the chance to allow God to free us from our fears. And we can pray for this faith in God’s action: faith moves mountains. The good God wants to free us humans from our fears. For God has called us to freedom, not to be enslaved by our fears.” (another part of my book on happiness)

Have a great and happy day.

Dariusz Łukasik

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