Take matters into your own hands, be proactive.

What your current life looks like depends mainly on you. External factors can be (and often are) beyond your control, but you should take responsibility for your life, for what it looks like.

You are where you are and this is probably a consequence of your choices. Do not stop at what you have achieved so far unless you are completely satisfied with your achievements.

Use your head, make a reflection on your life and your accomplishments. I have found that writing my blog posts and writing my books give me a real satisfaction.

I have a dream: I want to educate through my blog and books as many people as possible, I want to try to influence people’s lives, influence them to make their lives better and better.

I want you to develop. My dream is to share my thoughts on personal growth. My motto is: Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.

You are the one who creates your life. Remember this and be proactive, not reactive.

Dariusz Łukasik

Develop yourself, create new things, be creative. Look for new areas that might interest you, discover what you can and want to be good at, discover your talents that you can use to make money.

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