A few thoughts on anxieties (from my third book entitled “A Cure for Anxiety”).


"By working on ourselves (with the help of a therapist or on our own) we are able to "work through" our anxieties little by little. Getting rid of them is freeing, rewarding and opens up new possibilities. When we are afraid, we do not dare to live the way we - in fact - want to live. Anxieties limit us, they want to enslave us and often succeed in doing so."


(some extracts from my third book) (NEGATÍVNE STRÁNKY ŽIVOTA S OBAVAMI A STRACHOM) (This post is in English and Slovak) "The source literature certainly cites many negative sides of living with anxieties and fears. In this book I will focus on a few of them (it is not my aim to give an extensive and … Continue reading THE NEGATIVE SIDES OF LIVING WITH ANXIETIES AND FEARS

Some thoughts on Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” (by Dariusz Łukasik)

On the cover of my copy of Daniel Goleman's book entitled 'Emotional Intelligence' we can read, among other things: "Success in life depends not only on the intellect, but on the ability to manage emotions." (the translation is from Polish) This is true. Emotions perform important functions in our lives. Therefore, it is good to … Continue reading Some thoughts on Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” (by Dariusz Łukasik)

Why don’t people believe in God?

Zakaj ljudje ne verjamejo v Boga? (This post is in English and Slovenian) Today I will try to answer this question. I am a Catholic and have been a believer and practitioner of my faith for as long as I can remember. Danes bom poskušal odgovoriti na to vprašanje. Sem katoličan in sem vernik in … Continue reading Why don’t people believe in God?

Some thoughts and quotes on emotional intelligence

At https://mhanational.org/what-emotional-intelligence-and-how-does-it-apply-workplace we can find a definition of emotional intelligence. Here it is: "Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to manage both your own emotions and understand the emotions of people around you. There are five key elements to EI: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills." Apart from the above quote there is also … Continue reading Some thoughts and quotes on emotional intelligence

A few excerpts from my third book “A Cure for Anxiety”


Introduction. What will you learn from this book? This book is divided into four chapters, each of which deals with a separate aspect of anxiety, worry and fear. In chapter one, I outline what anxiety, worry and fear are (among other things, I give their definitions). In chapter two, I describe the negative sides of living with anxieties. In chapter three, I give reasons for getting rid of most (or all) anxieties. In chapter four, I introduce ideas related to anxieties and describe how to do practical exercises to 'work through' anxieties in order to deal with them effectively."

Commentary on a few sentences by Fr Jaroslaw Grabowski (spiritual developmet issues)


Fr Jarosław Grabowski writes: "Of course, there are different categories of religiously indifferent people. (…) The largest group, however, are - as pastors and catechists will confirm - those who baptise their children, lead them to First Holy Communion, get married in church, bury their dead in the Catholic way and show up at the temple for Pasterka (...)"

“A cure for anxiety”: some excerpts from my 3rd book


"In this section of the book, I want to share what I fear, what my fears are. I fear (November 2022) only two things (situations or events): I fear the justice of God (who, after my death, will judge my thoughts, words and deeds committed during my earthly life) and the sudden death of my beloved wife. Other than that, I am not afraid of anything or anyone. You may wonder: "How is this possible?"