What does Pawel Tkaczyk write about the company blog?

"Blog readers are still the elite. But a very influential elite. Studies show that these people are often opinion leaders. If you want your message to break through to the general consciousness, it makes sense to start by convincing blog readers specifically." P. Tkaczyk also writes that blogs are a great marketing tool, but require a lot of work and expertise."

Some excerpts from my third book entitled “A cure for anxiety. How to work through anxiety and start living peacefully?”

In chapter one, I outline what anxiety, worry and fear are (among other things, I give their definitions). In chapter two, I describe the negative sides of living with anxieties and fears. In chapter three, I give reasons for getting rid of most (or all) fears. In chapter four, I introduce ideas related to fears and describe how to do practical exercises to 'work through' fears in order to deal with them effectively