Why should you read Mary Welford’s book ‘The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Self-Confidence’?

"We live in a world that constantly urges us to judge, classify and evaluate ourselves. We get messages from everywhere that we may not be good enough." In my opinion, the modern world wants to make us believe that only achievements, titles, certificates, exams, careers, big money, etc. count. We often succumb to this world and its delusions.

Solve people’s problems – this could be your way to success.

People have all sorts of problems. One way to make money is to help people solve them. You can give people what they need. For example, you can create an innovative course to learn a foreign language, you can write a novel that interests them. What I'm writing now is not just about problems, it's about human needs.

The Fearful Future? (comments on the book “Mindfulness Plain and Simple. A Practical Guide to Inner Peace” by Oli Doyle).

"Fear of the future is seen as normal and natural part of being human, but if we pay close attention, we can see some scary, painful thoughts at the root of that fear. Without these stories, there is no fear, but if you believe those stories, you will scare yourself stiff!"

A few thoughts related to a quote from Brian Tracy’s book ‘The Power of Self Confidence’.

"It's not that people don't know what to do; they are usually just afraid to do what their heart tells them to do. However, by building courage within yourself, step by step, you will gradually overcome your fears. With courage, you will open up to the whole world. Your self-confidence will grow. You will reach a point where there are no longer any limits to what you are trying to achieve and what you are involved in."

“Achieving personal greatness” (Brian Tracy) and co-operating with God’s grace.

Today I will address two topics: achieving personal greatness and working with God's grace to achieve spectacular goals. We were created for great things, yet many of us, over time, lock ourselves into our so-called comfort zone and accept life as it is, no longer dreaming of growing and achieving something great for ourselves and the world around us.

You can buy my second book “Dare to Create the Life You Want” at ridero.eu/pl.

My second book is now available. It is a personal development guide and contains 4 chapters, a glossary of terms, some practical exercises. I share in the foreword my personal experience of personal development, I give examples of the changes I have made in my life between 2010 and 2022.

Persistence and success.

To be successful we usually have to be persistent. There is no doubt about it. Yes, it happens that someone achieves success faster than others because he or she is, for example, extremely talented. Examples of this type of situation could be found in sport. However, one of the basic elements that determine success is perseverance, i.e. the persistent pursuit of a goal.