“The Lord is my shepherd.”

The Lord is my shepherd, I don't really lack anything, but I want to grow. And what does that mean in practice? My development is learning languages by 'surrounding' myself with them; it is writing posts for my blogs (including my main blog: daretolive.blog); it is also talking to people who are mature and know from the practice of life how to live in order to be and feel happy every day.

“You possess the power to change any area of your life for the better.” (A. Robbins)

"(…) you have the power to change any area of your life for the better. So where is this power? And how can you use it? We all know that to achieve new results, you need to take new action. But we need to understand that at the heart of every action is a decision. The power of decision is therefore the power of change." (A. Robbins)

Failure is part of life, let’s not be afraid of it, things don’t always work out the first time.

Things don't work out right away, sometimes we have to be persistent, sometimes it takes effort and hard work to make plans and dreams come true. This applies, for example, to learning a foreign language: anyone who has prepared for the C2 exam knows how much effort and time is required.

“(…) to help with the tsunami disaster on the Thai islands?”(…) “(…) pomagać w usuwaniu skutków tsunami na tajskich wyspach?”

Discovering your mission can be one of the most important events in your life, whether you do the mission during your work or leisure time, or in micro-retirement (which the aforementioned author, T. Ferriss, writes about). What is a mission? For me, it is something that gives a deeper meaning to life, it is a kind of vocation, something that makes us happy because we give the best of ourselves to other people.