There are values more important than profit maximisation (comment on Yancey Strickler’s book).


Focusing too much on maximising profit, devoting a huge amount of our time to this, can impoverish us as we will never be fully satisfied, whether we have our own business or work for someone on a salary. Money is important, it allows us to pursue our dreams and satisfy our needs. But they are not the most important.

Emotional intelligence and a better world.


I was inspired to write this post by the first dozen or so pages of the book ‘This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World’ by Yancey Strickler (I am reading it in Polish). The title alone encourages you to read. In the part I have already read, the author writes that the world is motivated by profits, GDP and a general profit orientation (i.e. material goods).

On a Positive Attitude Towards Oneself (a post inspired by the thought of Jim McManus CSsR)


What happens to you in life is mainly up to you, you can (if you want to) be "the manager" of your life, you can shape it, you can start (or continue) to think in a positive, creative way. You have one life, use it well, think well of yourself, you have the right to do so and it is even your duty.

“A cure for anxiety”: some excerpts from my 3rd book


"In this section of the book, I want to share what I fear, what my fears are. I fear (November 2022) only two things (situations or events): I fear the justice of God (who, after my death, will judge my thoughts, words and deeds committed during my earthly life) and the sudden death of my beloved wife. Other than that, I am not afraid of anything or anyone. You may wonder: "How is this possible?"

What does Pawel Tkaczyk write about the company blog?


"Blog readers are still the elite. But a very influential elite. Studies show that these people are often opinion leaders. If you want your message to break through to the general consciousness, it makes sense to start by convincing blog readers specifically." P. Tkaczyk also writes that blogs are a great marketing tool, but require a lot of work and expertise."

Solve people’s problems – this could be your way to success.

People have all sorts of problems. One way to make money is to help people solve them. You can give people what they need. For example, you can create an innovative course to learn a foreign language, you can write a novel that interests them. What I'm writing now is not just about problems, it's about human needs.