“The Lord is my shepherd.”

The Lord is my shepherd, I don't really lack anything, but I want to grow. And what does that mean in practice? My development is learning languages by 'surrounding' myself with them; it is writing posts for my blogs (including my main blog: daretolive.blog); it is also talking to people who are mature and know from the practice of life how to live in order to be and feel happy every day.

The Secret of the RAS system

It is not my purpose to describe the RAS system in detail. I will only give one fact about this system, which is mentioned by the authors of "The Answer: "Your RAS has a built-in GPS system. With a GPS, you don't need to know where all the roads are located in a given city. You only need to decide where you want to go. You input the data and the GPS directs you.

Each of us has a problem, but we can treat it as a challenge.

I do not believe that there is a single man (or woman) without a problem. Every one of us has some kind of problem, although temporarily it happens that we have no problem at all. Problems are simply part of life, you have to accept that. However, the way we treat problems makes a huge difference to how we feel. We can treat a problem as a challenge to be faced.