“Don’t be afraid to dream, but leave some of your dreams to yourself” (some excerpts from my second ebook).

Your dreams and plans are your personal business. You can share them with people who support you and share your enthusiasm. Consider well to whom and what you want to say. Informing a friend of your intentions can be an additional motivating factor. Or you can choose another way."

“You possess the power to change any area of your life for the better.” (A. Robbins)

"(…) you have the power to change any area of your life for the better. So where is this power? And how can you use it? We all know that to achieve new results, you need to take new action. But we need to understand that at the heart of every action is a decision. The power of decision is therefore the power of change." (A. Robbins)

“(…) to help with the tsunami disaster on the Thai islands?”(…) “(…) pomagać w usuwaniu skutków tsunami na tajskich wyspach?”

Discovering your mission can be one of the most important events in your life, whether you do the mission during your work or leisure time, or in micro-retirement (which the aforementioned author, T. Ferriss, writes about). What is a mission? For me, it is something that gives a deeper meaning to life, it is a kind of vocation, something that makes us happy because we give the best of ourselves to other people.

Don’t Lose Faith in Your Dreams…

"Nothing comes to mind…" (from the song "Urke", the band 'Wilki', 2002). It comes a lot to a head after 49 years of life. In this post I want to share with you dear reader a handful of ideas and thoughts related to the content of the song "Urke". I come to think of what … Continue reading Don’t Lose Faith in Your Dreams…