A few sentences from ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (Daniel Goleman) and my commentary on them.


Who among us would not want to be among those characterised by emotional self-control? Emotions are necessary, they are there to serve us, but - attention - we must not allow them to work against us. And this is why it is so important to REACT in an appropriate manner to the emotions that arise within us. They can be positive or negative.

Some thoughts on Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” (by Dariusz Łukasik)

On the cover of my copy of Daniel Goleman's book entitled 'Emotional Intelligence' we can read, among other things: "Success in life depends not only on the intellect, but on the ability to manage emotions." (the translation is from Polish) This is true. Emotions perform important functions in our lives. Therefore, it is good to … Continue reading Some thoughts on Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” (by Dariusz Łukasik)

Emotions and their impact on our lives.


Despite the growing focus on EQ, a globall deficit in understanding and managing emotions remains. Only 36 percent of the people we tested are able to accurately identify their emotions as they happen. This means that two thirds of us are typically controlled by our emotions and are not yet skilled at spotting them and using them to our benefit. "