“The Lord is my shepherd.”


The Lord is my shepherd, I don't really lack anything, but I want to grow. And what does that mean in practice? My development is learning languages by 'surrounding' myself with them; it is writing posts for my blogs (including my main blog: daretolive.blog); it is also talking to people who are mature and know from the practice of life how to live in order to be and feel happy every day.

Faith in God and His providence

(La fe en Dios y en su providencia) (This post is in English and Spanish) I will begin today's post with a quotation from the booklet of the Sacred Heart Priests "Czciciel Bo┼╝ego Serca" (in Polish), no. 3/2016, page 1: "Saint Anthony had already in his youth the truths of the holy religion imprinted forever … Continue reading Faith in God and His providence

Why don’t people believe in God? (my personal opinion)


Personally, I think that one of the most obvious evidences for the existence of God is the existence of man and nature. In my opinion, SOMEONE had to give a beginning to the universe, nature and man. Nothing happens by itself. As the Holy Scriptures says "From the beauty of the creatures one recognizes the Creator"