“(…) Everyone Is Valuable and Worthy of Respect Regardless of…”(Jim McManus CSsR)


"And everyone is valuable and worthy of respect regardless of the wealth of their bank account, their grades in exams, their life record in sprinting, the opinions of those around them. Why is this so difficult for us to accept?"

“From a spiritual perspective, successes and failures are irrelevant to our intrinsic value, …” (Jim McManus CSsR)


"From a spiritual perspective, successes and failures are irrelevant to our intrinsic worth, as is the attitude of others towards us. We are all valuable in God's eyes! Intrinsic value does not flow from what we do or what we have, but from the fact that we exist - from our predisposition to God, not from our position in the world."

“This transcendent nature is the core of our true value and meaning” (Jim McManus CSsR).

"Esta naturaleza trascendente es el núcleo de nuestro verdadero valor y significado" (Jim McManus CSsR). (This post is in English and Spanish) Let me start with a quote from the book "The Inside Job. A Spirituality of True Self-Esteem". Permítanme empezar con una cita del libro "The Inside Job. A Spirituality of True Self-Esteem". (My … Continue reading “This transcendent nature is the core of our true value and meaning” (Jim McManus CSsR).

What is spirituality?

Che cos'è la spiritualità? (This post is in English and Italian) Let me start by quoting a few sentences from the website: https://epiphanystl.org/ Permettetemi di iniziare citando alcune frasi dal sito web: https://epiphanystl.org/ On https://epiphanystl.org/news/what-is-catholic-spirituality we may read: "Today, I thought we might spend a few moments considering what we mean when we talk about … Continue reading What is spirituality?

Commentary on a few sentences by Fr Jaroslaw Grabowski (spiritual developmet issues)


Fr Jarosław Grabowski writes: "Of course, there are different categories of religiously indifferent people. (…) The largest group, however, are - as pastors and catechists will confirm - those who baptise their children, lead them to First Holy Communion, get married in church, bury their dead in the Catholic way and show up at the temple for Pasterka (...)"

What do you celebrate on 25 December?


Christmas is one of the biggest feasts. I am a Catholic and on this day I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. God the Father sent His Son to earth so that Jesus Christ - the second Person of the Trinity - would save people. Jesus on earth did the will of His Father and died on the cross giving us salvation; Jesus reconciled us with God the Father.

The most important things in life.


What are the most important things in life? In my opinion, these are: having a clear conscience, feeling and being sure that you are an honest person, and it is also important to be honest, to have a passion for life, to enjoy everyday life, not to compete with others but with yourself. Faith, hope and love are very important, too. Sense of happiness is also important.

Spiritual development: we are not just a body, we have a soul and a spirit.


A human being is not just a body, I believe strongly in the teachings of the Catholic Church, I am a Catholic. I believe in having a body, spirit and soul. My soul is immortal, after earthly life there is eternal life, which God wants to give to His children. God is merciful, we will soon celebrate Christmas, the commemoration of the sending of Jesus Christ to earth.