What do you celebrate on 25 December?


Christmas is one of the biggest feasts. I am a Catholic and on this day I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. God the Father sent His Son to earth so that Jesus Christ - the second Person of the Trinity - would save people. Jesus on earth did the will of His Father and died on the cross giving us salvation; Jesus reconciled us with God the Father.

Spiritual development: we are not just a body, we have a soul and a spirit.


A human being is not just a body, I believe strongly in the teachings of the Catholic Church, I am a Catholic. I believe in having a body, spirit and soul. My soul is immortal, after earthly life there is eternal life, which God wants to give to His children. God is merciful, we will soon celebrate Christmas, the commemoration of the sending of Jesus Christ to earth.

Why don’t people believe in God? (my personal opinion)

Personally, I think that one of the most obvious evidences for the existence of God is the existence of man and nature. In my opinion, SOMEONE had to give a beginning to the universe, nature and man. Nothing happens by itself. As the Holy Scriptures says "From the beauty of the creatures one recognizes the Creator"

The Logic of The Incarnate Word Concerning Wealth, Significance and Power.

In a lot of situations in everyday life, we can observe that possession, importance and power are important to many people. Some entrepreneurs, but also employees, are guided in their daily choices by the desire to have wealth, to be significant and to have power. These three desires (desire for wealth, desire for significance and … Continue reading The Logic of The Incarnate Word Concerning Wealth, Significance and Power.