“It’s important to start living now, because we don’t know how much of this life we have left.”

"priest Kaczkowski said that we should 'live life on a full petard'. The director responds to the question of what 'life on a full petard' means to him. He answers as follows: "For me, 'living life on a full petard' means making the most of every moment, every encounter, 100 per cent. The time I experience and dedicate to myself and my loved ones is to be fully qualitative and unique." The director also adds, "The message of our film is also that we need to start living now, because we don't know how much of this life we have left."

Find your mission – it’s possible.

In Carmine Gallo's book 'The Storyteller's Secret' (in the Polish edition on page 232) I read this text (translation from Polish): "We have an incredible opportunity to change the world. I will change the face of ALS. I will make philanthropists hear about it. (…) The mission became personal and Pete, (…) was determined to carry it out. He already knew the answer to the question, (…): "What is my mission in life?" His mission became to publicise the disease

“(…) to help with the tsunami disaster on the Thai islands?”(…) “(…) pomagać w usuwaniu skutków tsunami na tajskich wyspach?”

Discovering your mission can be one of the most important events in your life, whether you do the mission during your work or leisure time, or in micro-retirement (which the aforementioned author, T. Ferriss, writes about). What is a mission? For me, it is something that gives a deeper meaning to life, it is a kind of vocation, something that makes us happy because we give the best of ourselves to other people.

Find your life mission and live for it.

Finding your life mission may not be easy, it may take a lot of time, while looking for it you may get lost in guessing what that mission is supposed to be, but it is definitely worth looking for and eventually finding it. How was it for me and why do I think I found … Continue reading Find your life mission and live for it.