Some excerpts from my book “Dare to Create the Life You Want”


I believe that personal development is very important as it allows for a more interesting, fuller and happier life. Personal growth gives satisfaction. Just as a tree keeps growing, you can keep growing. By developing you will realise your dreams, you will create action plans, revise those plans if necessary, evaluate your development, you will reflect on which areas of growth you care most about.

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My second book is now available. It is a personal development guide and contains 4 chapters, a glossary of terms, some practical exercises. I share in the foreword my personal experience of personal development, I give examples of the changes I have made in my life between 2010 and 2022.

My idea is quite simple…

"God created you to live happily, each of us deserves happiness because God loves us so much. You can stop being afraid of life. You can discover that loving God leads you through your life, you can discover that all your past experiences prepared you for your exceptional present and future." The above sentences are … Continue reading My idea is quite simple…