“Meanwhile, how many of us would give much, perhaps even everything, to turn back time…” (Fr Jarosław Grabowski)

Time passes and during our lives we make better or worse choices that have consequences. Time cannot be turned back, we can only live in the here and now. And it is right here and now that our lives are happening. Maybe we made mistakes in the past that we regret, maybe we didn't act with dignity with our values, maybe we were not ok to other people, maybe we were blinded by work, by the money we earned or maybe by jealousy, maybe we didn't work on ourselves, on our character - so many mistakes we could have made and often did.

Step by step, year by year…. small changes can bring big results.

Passo dopo passo, anno dopo anno…. piccoli cambiamenti possono portare grandi risultati. (This post is in English and Italian). You don't have to make big changes in your life right away. Step by step make changes, make your life more peaceful, work on your character. Year after year, become more patient, more humble, more wise, … Continue reading Step by step, year by year…. small changes can bring big results.

What is psychology and why is it an important area of study?

I have just started reading Abraham P. Sperling's book "Psychology". I consider it as one of the most important books in my life. It contains a glossary in which the term 'psychology' is defined. Psychology is the science of individual behaviour and experience. It is useful to know why we behave in a certain way.

The most important things in life.

What are the most important things in life? In my opinion, these are: having a clear conscience, feeling and being sure that you are an honest person, and it is also important to be honest, to have a passion for life, to enjoy everyday life, not to compete with others but with yourself. Faith, hope and love are very important, too. Sense of happiness is also important.

Some excerpts from my third book entitled “A cure for anxiety. How to work through anxiety and start living peacefully?”

In chapter one, I outline what anxiety, worry and fear are (among other things, I give their definitions). In chapter two, I describe the negative sides of living with anxieties and fears. In chapter three, I give reasons for getting rid of most (or all) fears. In chapter four, I introduce ideas related to fears and describe how to do practical exercises to 'work through' fears in order to deal with them effectively