Spiritual development: we are not just a body, we have a soul and a spirit.


A human being is not just a body, I believe strongly in the teachings of the Catholic Church, I am a Catholic. I believe in having a body, spirit and soul. My soul is immortal, after earthly life there is eternal life, which God wants to give to His children. God is merciful, we will soon celebrate Christmas, the commemoration of the sending of Jesus Christ to earth.

“The Lord is my shepherd.”

The Lord is my shepherd, I don't really lack anything, but I want to grow. And what does that mean in practice? My development is learning languages by 'surrounding' myself with them; it is writing posts for my blogs (including my main blog: daretolive.blog); it is also talking to people who are mature and know from the practice of life how to live in order to be and feel happy every day.