“Principles and tips that affect your results” – you can find them in my ebook “Dare to live”.

In my ebook “Dare to Live. God Has Given You Your Past to Prepare You for An Exceptional Present and Future.” you can read “Principles and tips that affect your results”.

They are included in Chapter Three. Your Present: Act Now and Enjoy Your Growth.

Below are the first 8 of them.

“1. Learn and accept the RAS system.

I learned about the RAS (reticular activating system) from the book ‘The Answer by Allan and Barbara Pease1. This system has the following characteristic: it leads people to a set goal if we set that goal in advance (consciously or unconsciously). According to Allan and Barbara, we can trust this GPS-like system to guide us to our destination. The most important thing is to know what you want (many people ‘drift’ through life without knowing what they want, they do not set specific goals).

Remember that RAS can also work against you if, for example, you are constantly thinking about negative things; for this reason, if you want to reach positive goals, you need to think about what you want, not what you do not want.

2. Decide to set and write down your goals.

Work on goal setting, which means thinking about what goals you want to accomplish.Think it through well, because you will be working on these goals for years (although of course some of your goals are short-term goals). Once determined, write your goals down on paper.

Your goals can be short-term (for a day, for a week, or a month) and long-term (for a year, three years, ten years, or twenty years). When you write down your goals, you can always check what you wrote down and do an update. When you write down your goals, you know exactly what you want (e.g., ‘On December 31, 2021, I will weigh 75 kilograms’), they guide you (or, more accurately, your internal RAS system directs you, guides you when you stray off course); with goals, you can make an action plan that will lead to those goals.

3. Remember how to create a good action plan.

The features of a good plan can be found e.g. on the Internet or in literature, here I will present simple rules for creating a good action plan by Brian Tracy (available e.g. on YouTube2):

  1. Decide exactly what you want (be specific).
  1. Put your goal(s) down on paper.
  1. Set an end date for your goal(s).
  1. Make lists of everything you will need to do to achieve your goal(s).
  1. Plan when you will work on implementing your plan.

4. Decide that you will be persistent in working on the plans that follow your goals.

This is very important. What good are your plans if you lack persistence. You must resolve that you will not give up, that every day you will do something significant, something that brings you closer to achieving your goal(s). Persistence is one of the keys to success. People who have achieved spectacular success owe it to their persistence.

5. Decide that you will set deadlines for completing your work, projects, and activities.

Deadlines are another key to success. Set them and try your hardest to meet them. It is obvious that you will not always make it, in which case you set another deadline. It really does make
a difference.

6. Act to achieve your goals regardless of what others think, do, or say3.

This principle is described in Chapter Five of the book ‘The Answer. Do not worry about what others think, it’s YOUR life and YOU know how much you care about achieving your plan, so do not worry at all about what others think or what they do or what they say. Focus on your action and not on other people, you are the one who wants to witness your success.

7. Act with enthusiasm, try to manage stress, do not be afraid of the future, act with confidence in achieving your goals, let go of all fears.

This point contains a few important things: be enthusiastic about your attitude towards your daily activities; if anything stresses you out, learn to use stress to your advantage. Also: do not be afraid of the future because it kills your enthusiasm. After all, you are working towards your goals, so you are getting closer all the time; believe strongly in the sense of your action, follow your path, it may be difficult but worth your effort; do not be afraid – brave people are not afraid.

8. Take responsibility for your life and your achievements.

Be proactive, realize that your life is the way it is because YOU led it this way, made certain decisions, worked (or avoided working), and these are the results. Be responsible for your results, how you are, how you feel, what you accomplish. If you put enough energy into working on yourself and your plan, your accomplishments will amaze you and others. Your current situation shows you how much more you have to do.”

My ebook is available on Amazon.com for 1,04 dollar.

So, it’s your choice, buy it or not, I believe my ebook is very informative and useful for people who know what they want.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.


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