Why is the spiritual life so important?

Living on Earth we can develop, many people cannot live without development; development is a natural right. Different areas of development can be pointed out, such as the sphere of interpersonal relationships, the spiritual sphere, the financial sphere, the professional sphere, and others can be mentioned. In this post
I will answer the question posed in the title: Why is the spiritual life so important?

First, we need to realize that after earthly life, eternal life awaits us. You can believe in it or not. But for believers, eternal life is in a sense self-evident, this belief stems from God’s revelation, a huge number of people (including me) believe that God sent Jesus Christ to Earth to do the work of salvation. One of the truths of the Catholic faith is that God rewards for good and punishes for evil. For the good of the people, God gave believers the commandments, without them it is easy to get lost. If I believe that there is God and there is also an afterlife (eternal life), then my life in this world is just a small point on a timeline that has no end. 

And therefore I want to prepare myself for this next stage in my life (in fact we have only one life, it is divided into two stages: from conception to death and from death to infinity). How can I prepare myself to meet God in eternity? In my opinion, the matter is simple: as the days and years go by, I want to change for the better, not to hurt myself and others, I want to give good to people and guard against evil. I believe that God will justly judge my actions, thoughts and words. Here on Earth I can do good, but I am free, so I can also do evil, and that is not good for anyone, including me. 

I have come to a conclusion: in my opinion, there is no other sphere of development more important to me than spiritual development; what will come of my professional or any other success if I do not develop spiritually, if I do not become a better and better, more and more “God-like” person. I am to take care, above all, of righting the wrong of which I was the author, I am to control my emotions, I am to do better and better, my words are to be good, my thoughts are to be pure, and so on. This better life God wants for us, a peaceful life, without fear, without rushing after so-called success, without hurting anyone. I am 49 years old and it is probably easier for me to write these words than for someone who is 24 years old and has just started his professional life. Over time, we mature to value the spiritual life the most of all areas of personal development.

Dare to live. It’s YOUR life.

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