Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! There is no greater joy for believers in God!

Tomorrow (April 17, 2022) we celebrate Easter in the Catholic Church, it is the commemoration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the tree of the cross, suffered the passion to take away the sins of men and give us the eternal reward in heaven. I strongly believe in this idea.

Why am I writing religious content on this personal development blog? The reason is simple: for a believer nothing is more important than spiritual development, because what will come to us from the development of human relationships, from the development in any other field (finances, well-being, emotions, etc) if we lack faith in the One who rules the whole world (I mean, Our LOVING God). You, dear reader, here on earth you live only once, after earthly death awaits you …? Exactly what awaits you? What is your idea of what will happen to you after earthly death?

According to the Catholic faith, God created humans to experience happiness with God in Heaven. After earthly death awaits us (according to Catholics): heaven, purgatory or hell. It is worth thinking where you are going my dear reader? I firmly believe that God – Loving Father – sent Jesus over 2000 years ago to Palestine so that this Son of God could fulfill the Old Testament scriptures (e.g. from Isaiah, about Yahweh’s suffering servant). I was in the Holy Land in 2012, the biblical terrain allows you to experience the places Jesus Christ went.

Back to my main thread or idea of this post. I want this blog to be filled with religious content, to give my testimony of faith, but also through the Internet to share the faith of a lay person (I’m not a consecrated person, I’m a so-called ordinary Catholic from Poland, I’m 49 years old and married (since 1999).

If I were to recommend just one sentence to remember from this post it would be:

“Our Lady (Mother of God) is the Mother of Sorrows, not only because she stood on Golgotha and suffered while her Son Jesus Christ was dying on the cross, but she is also the Mother of Sorrows because she sees how many people are going to perdition, they are moving away from God, they don’t want God, they don’t need God.”

I am not a theologian, I can’t compare with theologians when it comes to explaining the truths of faith, understanding e.g. heaven, purgatory, hell. It is worth reading about these realities in the official documents of the Holy See.

For example, on the website:

you can find information (by the Catholic Church) on the following topics:

I. The Particular Judgment
II. Heaven
III. The Final Purification, or Purgatory
IV. Hell
V. The Last Judgment
VI. Hope of the New Heaven and the New Earth

God, the Creator, wants to give eternal life to every human being because He loves EVERYONE in the same way and Our Lady also loves EVERY human being in the same way because she is our Mother, the best MOTHER we could have!

I wish all readers a blessed Easter, may the Risen Christ take ANY fear from your hearts. (I wish it to myself, as well). May God’s peace, which surpasses every mind, guard your hearts and thoughts in Christ Jesus. Amen.

If you don’t even believe in God, I am convinced that God believes in you and desires for you and each of us humans, HEAVEN!

Dariusz Łukasik (also known as daretolive72) (from Lublin, Poland)

Ps. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let’s pray for peace in our world where there are so many conflicts, let’s pray for peace in our hearts. God BLESS you all!


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