Why Do I Think That Spiritual Growth Is The Most Important?

Why this title of today’s post? Life is short, here on earth we live once, but what about after death? After death is eternal life, where there is no fear or tears. I am a Catholic, today is Sunday, a holy day, a day set aside for celebration and rest. In my opinion, spiritual growth is the most important thing in the world. Man is a being destined for eternity, with God life is more interesting and exciting. I am very excited about the prospect of eternity, I am happy like a child.

If an earthly life lasts a few decades, it is nothing compared to eternity. Time has no beginning and no end. God has no beginning and no end. Man has a beginning but no end. After earthly life, we will be judged by love, love is the driving force of my life, which I also enjoy immensely.

I am happy that I write, what I like, and what I want. I write about development, about God, about spiritual development, about other areas of development, I write when I feel like it, although I try to write regularly on Thursdays. It’s not my goal to write brilliantly literary, I’m not a writer and I won’t be one, I’m someone who loves to share his experience of growth. It’s my hobby, probably my main hobby.

Spiritual living – you can spend a lifetime learning how to live, learning how to live the kind of life God wants us to live. God wants our good, He wants us to be happy, God is the expert (the best) on personal development. I see so few books on personal development that have at least one chapter on the spiritual life from a Catholic or Christian perspective. It’s a shame.

There is one exception, that book is: Heroic Living. Discover Your Purpose and Change the World, written by Chris Lowney. It is full of just the kind of content I need, it references St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, who has had and continues to influence the spiritual lives of people who want to use his thoughts in their development. Chris gives examples of Ignatius’ thoughts that we can also apply today in our personal and professional lives. The book is a great read and is fruitful in its application, although even the author himself admits that sometimes he doesn’t apply Ignatius’ methods because of the rush of life and the complexity of the world today. I recommend this book and I will quote in the next paragraph a few sentences from this great book.

Here is a quote to inspire a deeper spiritual life: “We are bundles of needs, demands, and desires. The optimistic among us believe that our desires and demands need not become slaves to any unhealthy attachment that currently engulfs us; nor to any shallow promise that an advertising agency throws at us. We can direct our desires toward a goal greater than ourselves. We are capable of great vision, and we don’t have to give in to short-sightedness. We are capable of going beyond ourselves, and we don’t have to settle for some paltry goal that doesn’t give us wings.” (taken from page 263 of the Polish edition, my own translation into English)

Be brave, be happy, grow and let grow others, God will guide you.

Dare to live! It’s YOUR life.


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